Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Robinson's Place Haul

Hello, lovelies! I went out to pay some bills and did grocery shopping today at the Robinson's Place mall but I also had something for myself. hee hee!

Here's what I had for my momma self (LOL):

Halter dress

I figured that I need to buy more dress or comfy clothes since my body is becoming "alienated" now. hee hee!
This dress is not something fancy nor it's branded, I just like that it's dark-colored (recommended for pregnant women who wants to deceive people with their looks. haha), nice material (it's super soft) and stretchable. I don't want to buy the old-school maternity dress..ever! So I bought this one which is typically worn by single ladies or non-preggers who just want to look good.

Oh! This dress was bought from "tiangge" or stall/kiosk area of the mall. Bargained it for 280php (approx. $7) from the original price 350php (approx. $8). =)

Goody Trimming Scissor

I am absolutely in love with my newly-shaped eyebrows!!! I used to have a dark forest on top of my eyes! ugghhh... I think this pregnancy has made me more "maarte", which I also love. hee hee! In celebration of my new-found happiness, I decided to maintain those womanly eyebrows for life! Thus, I hit on the grooming section of the mall. As you can see, the price is 49php (approx. $1.15). It's a decent trimming scissor at a cheap cost. 

Goody Eyebrow Razor

Another Groovy grooming baby is this Eyebrow razor for 29php (approx. $.70). I had longer time to find the right blade that I want. I had 4 tries before finally picking this one up. I made my cousin my "model" by trying the product on the hair found on her fingers. She was getting scared because she thought I will thread off all the finger hair that she has before I get satisfied! (good thing it did not happen. LOL)

It's very handy.

Did you happen to buy any of the Groovy grooming stuff that I bought? 
How did it go for you?
Maybe you purchased another Groovy item, please share to us by putting a comment below. 

Catch ya later, lovelies!

Geline and 'lil jellybean <3

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