Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Lip gloss/ Lip balm (For dry lips/ something to combat winter lip cracks)

I have been obsessing with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) stuff since I was in high school. I love how natural they are, easy to do, effective and the ingredients are usually found at the comfort of your kitchen! Since I am now blogging about anything and everything under the sun, I decided to share those DIY stuff. This will be the start of a series of DIY in my blog. yay!!!

For the pilot DIY entry on KimchiiMommy blog, here's a lip gloss/lip balm tutorial.

Lip gloss:

What you need:
  • olive oil
  • white sugar
  • small container (a bottle cap or lid will do the trick)
  • lip stick brush

What to do:

  • Mix a few drops of olive oil to white sugar. 
  • Stir until you reach the consistency that you desire.
  • Use the lip stick brush to brush it onto the lips.

Lip balm:

What you need:

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp. honey
  • 3/4 tsp. beeswax-grated (this will harden a bit the mixture; perfect lip balm!)
  • flavored oil i.e. vanilla or peppermint (you may choose to skip this) 
  • 1 Vitamin E capsule
  • Container of your choice.

What to do:

  • In a small saucepan, heat olive oil, honey and wax until melted.
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2-3 minutes. It shouldn't be past 3 minutes because it would be too hard for the next procedure to be done.
  • Stir in flavoring (if you have/want) and contents of Vit. E.
  • Pour onto the container of your choice.


Olive oil is one of the best blessings from God to mankind especially to women. It's one of the best beauty "secrets" ever known. It is a natural, hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin as well as a strong antioxidant; Vitamins A and E that help repair and renew skin that has been damaged due to overexposure to the sun, cigarette smoking etc. Let's not forget the yuckyyyyyyy cracking of the lips that cold weather/ winter brings too!


You may want to add color to your DIY lip gloss/balm. You may choose from the following:

Red Beet

Pomegranate (Seeds)


You will be needing the juice and mix it with the gloss/balm procedure. You may use a microwave for the red beet (40 seconds will do) and crush the other fruits. 

There you go!!! 

You may request for some DIYs and I will do my best to address to each one. Please comment below, Tweet me @KimchiiMommy (Twitter) or email

Stay tuned for more DIYs from your KimchiiMommy. ^0^

love lots,
Geline <3

A Filipino's New Year Celebration

It is said that the Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration starting from the "ber months" (September) but I also say that we have the most customs/beliefs as well as the New Year's (celebration).

See what I'm talking about...

It's more fun to be a Filipino! 

Despite how Filipinos do it, it's still  BIG brother Jesus Christ's birth which we value the most. He's God's greatest gift to mankind. He is the reason why we have all these celebrations after all. :)

What are you practicing in your household? ( for Filipinos)
What do you do in celebrating Christmas and New Year? (for foreigners)

Share it with us! Just comment below. ^__^

To God be the glory!!!

love lots,
Geline <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

REVIEW: HBC San-San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

Product Info:

  • 30 ml.
  • comes in three shades (01, 02 and 03)
  • 01 shade- very fair skinned; 02 shade- fair skinned; 03- morena skinned
  • I got this in its original price of 130-ish (sorry I forgot the exact amount.haha!) (approx. $3)


  • Aqua
  • Silicone oil
  • Inorganic Mineral powder
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Retinol ( Vitamin A)
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E)
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C)
  • Glycerol Monostearate
  • Propyl Paraben

May contain:

  • Red Iron Oxide (CI 77491)
  • Yellow Iron Oxide (CI 77492)
  • Black Iron Oxide (CI 77499)
  • Titanium Oxide (CI 77891)

I am using two shades, 02 and 03. I mix them together to achieve the color closest to my skin. I put more of the 02 shade. 

02 shade

03 shade

It has this spatula to scoop out the product from the bottle.


  • It's cheap.
  • One bottle lasted for a few months.
  • Small amount can cover up my entire face.
  • It doesn't give a "heavy" feeling on the skin upon applying. 

  • I don't like its packaging 'coz it's boxy and crystal-ish. hehe
  • It has three shades available which can force you to buy two shades if you find that yours doesn't fit any of the shades. 
  • It has this coconut smell but it's tolerable actually. I just don't like it. :)
  • It's heavy (packaging) so I don't prefer carrying it around in my bag.
  • It still makes my face oily.

My Verdict:

This product is a so-so for me. I have super duper oily skin; oil still manages to see through even when I'm in an air-conditioned place. *sob* When I saw Maricarl Janah's review on her YouTube channel (on this product), I decided to try it out because she also has oily skin. Janah's raving about this foundation so it made me more eager to check it out. I'm a little bit disappointed with this because I still get oily a few hours after application. I still need to have several blottings and re-touches. I don't understand why this is happening to me; I was thinking maybe it's also due to the fact that Philippines is a tropical country and I have a super duper oily skin--- not a good combination! But my face still gets oily in an air-conditioned room...what is that??? Am I the only one suffering this unfortunate situation? T_T 
Anyway, if you have a dry skin and prefers matte finish for a foundation I'd recommend this. However, if you're oily-skinned you can still try this. It might work for you! Lastly, if you're looking for a cheap liquid foundation especially when you're just starting out with make-up, this is actually a nice grab. 

Additional note:
This is not a good foundation for pregnant women because it contains chemicals unsafe for the little angel growing inside your body. For a list of chemicals/ingredients that a pregnant woman should stay away from, refer to my previous blog post here

Have you used this product? What can you say about it? Comment below! :)

love lots,
Geline <3

Saehee at 3rd month ( It's a triple celebration!)

As I've mentioned in my previous post, today (January 19) is my baby love's third month since her grand entrance to this world.  We had the usual thing that we do; just munch on the food! My family gathered tonight in our house and they spent the time passing Saehee from one person to another. ^__^ They really adore her.hahaha!

Oh yeah, there's a twist for this month's celebration because we also celebrated my dad's birthday (January 17) and my hubby's birthday (January 9). Yey for a triple celebration of three of the most important people in my life!!! =)

My Korean princess. :)

Simple feast :)

Last but not the least.....

Omma (mommy) and baby Saehee <3

That's it for Saehee's third month, hubby's and daddy's birthday celebration rolled into one night. Stay tuned for Saehee's fourth month celebration. 

Thank you, dear Lord for always guiding and blessing our family. You're the best!!! Praise and glory to you!!!

love lots,
Geline <3

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby love's third month!

hello, lovelies!

Today is my baby love's third month of existence. We're throwing a little party for her (as usual) this evening. This goes on every month until she reaches one year old. I don't know if it's just me and my mom doing this, or it's really a part of the Filipino tradition. I mean, I seldom see celebrations of a baby's "month-sary" so maybe it's just us? Whatever! ahahahaha.

Here's a video of her second month parteeeeeeeeee:

This YouTube account is my older account by the way. =)

Anyway, i'll try to blog tonight after the party about Saehee's thrid month celebration. If not, i'll just do it tomorrow. 

A photo of Saehee taken yesterday at Sugar Plum's 1st birthday celebration. 

Thanks Ate Ge for the photo! Mwah~~~

Do you also celebrate like we do? Share it with us! Comment below. :p

Catch ya later!

Love lots,
Geline <3

Sugar Plum Studio turns 1!!!

I have never been a fan of photo studios and I actually just go there if I need pictures for important purposes like I.D., passport, resume (applying a job) etc. I'm horrified just being there and I usually can't sleep well prior to the schedule of the photoshoot--- I'm worried that the pictures would show a monster instead of my face.hahahha!

But becoming a mother has done many changes within me and that includes my "phobia" of photo studios. Being a mom of a half-Korean lass, I was "forced" to embrace the fact that I need to be comfortable with photo studios. Koreans have this trend now that they have their babies photographed in a studio on the 50th and 100th days since birth. Yes, me and my hubby belong to different cultural backgrounds and we intend to give our children the best of both worlds.

I was nearing my E.D.D. (expected date of delivery) when I began scouting for a studio where I would entrust my Saehee's photo shoot for her 50th day. I came across Sugar Plum studio, I browsed through their portfolio and I liked it. Most of the pictures I saw were baby's and children's. Then, the handwork of destiny happened when I met one of their staff, Ate Sheila, who never stopped convincing me to try their studio. =)

Convinced, I booked an appointment with them. Here's a short video of Saehee's photo shoot:

Another cool thing about them is that most of the staff are mothers so they know how to handle babies and children (as you've probably seen on the video). A mother understands a mother. ^0^  They have a cozy and playful studio; kids would definitely not get bored. Aside from babies and children, they also specialize in maternity photo shoots. But they can do any kind of photo shoots; single portraits, couples, friends and families . Name it!!! 

Some of Saehee's pictures taken by Sugar Plum:

All of these adorable shots for an amazingly affordable price!!! 

Great pictures + affordable price packages +  professional, T.L.C. staff = Superb!!!

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with them now!!!

Sugar Plum Studio

Room 14, Mezzanine Floor, AJL Bldg. Gen. Luna St. Iloilo City

Landmarks: Statlab Building; Health Partners

Book an appointment, call them at 0927-5670240. 

Facebook: Sugar Plum 

Some photos of their studio:

Happy 1st Birthday and Thank you, Sugar Plum!!! 

love lots,
Geline <3

Monday, January 16, 2012

REVIEW: Belle de Jour 2012 Planner

I was a happy-go-lucky-anything-goes type of a person and I won't say that it was fine, it was chaotic!!! But I guess we grow matured as we age (???). hahaha! I'm now a mom to a 3 month-old baby and I can never be a chaotic person as I was,so I figured I should ditch the "old me" and say "hello" to a more organized "me". I have a hope that a planner would help me achieve my goal.

I have these reasons for getting a planner:

  • I seemed to be born with an amnesia.
  • I need to keep track of my activities especially pertaining to Saehee ( doctor's appointment, immunization schedules, things that she needs etc.)
  • Record the bills and other payments' deadlines.
  • Remembering birthdays, special events, meetings, get-aways etc.

 As I stroll the malls in Iloilo City, I was so unsatisfied with the planners that are for sale. Plain, boring, monotonous....sooooooooo not my type!!! Then I came across with the hype that's been on the online community regarding this "planner for the kikays". It took me a while to order though. I don't know why. ^__^

I finally got my hands on the most-raved about planner in the online community particularly in the Philippines. Taran!!!! Belle de Jour Planner!!!

Product Description:

 The Belle De Jour Power Planner is a unique, fun, and smart planner that is the first of its kind. Targeted for women ages 20 to 35, Belle De Jour combines witty and useful articles, sophisticated yet fun illustrations, a relevant and practical layout design, time-management tools and great discount coupons from various lifestyle brands, in one stylish package, making it a true Power Planner. The Belle de Jour girl exemplifies the woman for whom this French term was coined—she is the ultimate "IT Girl." Our Power Planner is about empowering women to live out the Belle de Jour or “IT Girl” lifestyle.

Verbatim: Belle de Jour (n. bel duh zhoor'): 1) French fashion lingo for I.T. Girl 2) the modern-day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, and does everything in great style.

Belle de Jour Power Planner is copyrighted and owned by Viviamo! Inc. “Viviamo” is Italian for “We Live.” Our mission is to craft tools that will help people live out their ultimate life. Starting with the Belle de Jour Power Planners, we envision products that empower Filipinos to try, to dare, to experience, to achieve, and to live. This has expanded to creating customized paper and planner products that influence the lifestyle of Filipinos.

Product Details:

THEME: Wanderlust
SRP: Php598.00 ( approx. $14)
COUPONS: 80 lifestyle brand & 16 online-fashion coupons
SIZE: 8.25 x 6.25”
BINDING: 2 Kinds: Double Wire Binding and Book-bind
PAPER: Bookpaper 70 

Comes with a plastic pouch for important docs like receipts.

Colorful illustrations with inspirational essays to boost up a woman's morale, self-esteem and points of view.

Free coupons from partner shops/stores ( Philippines only).

Colorful pages.

My verdict:

This is definitely the perfect planner for me! I love how colorful it is, the inspirational stuff that can be found inside and the completeness of the content. I especially adore that it has a menstrual tracker, bills tracker, cash flow tracker and special events tracker. I recommend this to every woman; this would definitely make our lives easier and more organized. 

I would like to thank the online seller from which I purchased this baby, Ms. Maria Ernani Tongga of ThePinkShoppe (they ship internationally). A very reliable and patient seller! I've been flooding her Facebook with messages with regards to my order and she gladly accommodated every single one. hehehe!

What are you waiting for????

Let's get organized on 2012!!!!

love lots,
Geline <3

Sunday, January 15, 2012

KimchiiMommy on YouTube: Feeding herself ^__^ (먹이기)

I've spent my leisure times watching YouTube videos of my favorite beauty gurus, both local and international. This particular afternoon, I was  watching a Filipina YouTube beauty guru named Maricarl Janah. She's my favorite Filipina YT beauty guru because she's got great tutorials, the cosmetics she's using are available locally, i like the way she speaks and we both have oily skin. hahaha! Check her out on YouTube here.

On to the video...

I think Saehee's gonna grow up into a beauty guru as well. LOL =)


Love lots,
Geline <3

My Labor and Delivery Story

I've no labor story to tell because I didn't undergo a labor. Lucky me? hahaha. I would like to think that I am indeed lucky for not having the excruciating pain that labor brings but................ I would have felt more "motherly" or "womanly" at that time If I've had it. Just saying. =)

Anyway, I was 40 weeks and I didn't have labor until I reached 40 weeks 3 days (the day of Saehee's delivery). I've had two incidents of false alarms and I was also sent home by the hospital staff twice. hahahaa! Excited much???? What we thought as real labor were actually just Braxton Hicks Contraction (B.H.) making more fun at me. T.T

How to differentiate a Braxton Hicks Contraction from real labor:

  • When the time gap of one contraction to another is regular. (e.g. every 3 minutes)
  • The shorter the gap is, the more realistic it becomes.
  • When there is pain in the contraction, it's a sure trip to the hospital!
You might be wondering why I didn't have a labor, actually, I'm wondering too! hahaha! But we figured that the double loop cord coil on my baby's neck was the culprit. We have this theory that every time she would attempt to go down, she goes back up because the cord on her neck tightens. Smart baby, huh? ^__^  We discovered about the cord coil when I had my 38th weeks ultrasound; my reason for the scan was to make sure that we're absolutely having a girl but then we saw something else. It made us worry so I did my best to research about it, discovering our options etc. We were frantic. I've heard successful stories about the case as well as dooming ones (death of the baby). 

The remaining time I've had on waiting for her arrival was spent on close monitoring ( ultrasounds and Non-Stress Test for the baby). 

Non-Stress Test:
This is a test done to check if the baby's doing fine inside the womb by monitoring the movements. I was ordered to eat before the test was given because it will wake up the baby if ever she was asleep. I was made to lie down and they attached an apparatus (just like in E.C.G.) on my belly and they rang a bell close to my tummy. They instructed me to inform them if I felt my baby's movement. After about 30 minutes, the N.S.T. was finally over. I was happy because all of Saehee's N.S.T. turned out to be normal.

 I was on the day of my 40th week and there was still no signs of labor but my cervix was already open at 2 cm. 3 days prior. At that day, I felt like there was a sudden gush of small amount of water that came out of me. I was delighted! I was feeling mixed emotions. So, we rushed to the hospital and when we got there, I was given an internal examination and I was still at 2 cm! We were advised to go home. The next day, I saw a  mucus on the toilet after I urinated. Its color was white with a bit of brown streaks and it was larger than the usual secretion. I know it was my mucus plug.

Mucus Plug:
It's the mucus that blocked the entry of the cervix upon pregnancy to prevent bacteria and other foreign bodies to invade the little angel that's growing inside. It is bigger than the usual mucus that we have before the onset of menstruation and its color varies-- for some women it may be clear, brownish, yellowish, streaked with blood (this one is called the bloody show). When we lose the mucus plug, it is a signal that labor may start in a few hours after, the next day, in a few days, in two weeks or even at that very moment! God only knows when!

We went to the hospital again, had an I.E. and I was still at 2 cm! Whattttttttttttt????????????? Seriously?????? Disappointed, we just went home. I had my doctor's appointment the next day (40 weeks 3 days) and we expressed our final decision to just have a Caesarean  delivery. Hubby and I were already contemplating of having C-Section if there was still no progress. We can't jeopardize our baby and myself as well. If there's an overdue, there's also a big chance that the baby will have a Meconium Aspiration. 

Meconium Aspiration:
The baby is already old enough to be born when she/he's due so that means there will also be a chance of excretion of the bodily waste. If that happens inside the womb, it poses a great danger if the baby can eat his/her body waste. It can threaten the baby's and mother's health (can even be a cause of death for the baby).

We had the operation on October 19,2011 even it was against my doctor's advise. We were very solid with our decision not to lengthen the possibility of Meconium Aspiration. We were convinced that she cannot go down on the birth canal normally. 


When I was at the Emergency Room, I was bombarded with questions and tests. After everything was set, I was placed at the Operating Room. I could remember how cold the room was! I had nothing on underneath the operating gown so I was feeling the coldness down to my bones. Then, I was informed that a general anesthesia will be administered to my body therefore I won't be feeling anything when I'm already being cut. Sounds fun right? hahaha! The needle of the anesthesia was enormous!!! It felt like a big ant bit me on my back. I was surprised that I didn't cry nor shouted. My OB GYN arrived, the operating team offered a prayer and the cutting began! It was exactly 6 PM when the operation started. I was shaking because of the darn coldness. I didn't know the doc already made a cut on my tummy if i hadn't seen it on the crystal of the operating light. I felt gross seeing my belly open and there's blood all over it and...okay. 'nuff said. LOL. I felt that there was a "swaying" in my belly, like something was being pulled out. At 6:13 PM, I heard the most beautiful cry. That was it! My baby was born! I immediately felt lighter. :) It was weird for me because I've felt heavy the last few months. 

Saehee's voice was big and husky. I was smiling like there was no tomorrow! She was brought closer to me after all the necessary stuff were done with her and I kissed her. I felt so happy! I couldn't explain that happiness. The joys of motherhood. :) 

Here are some photos:

KimchiiMommy fresh from the operation. Ouch!!! :(

Fresh from "the oven". hahaha!

One day old. She got her appa's (daddy's) dimples. <3

It was unfortunate that Saehee still had an infection. She was throwing up her milk so the doc limited her milk intake to closely monitor her progress.

I went home ahead of Saehee (three days after the operation). She stayed at the hospital for a week. This was taken during one of my visits to her.

Now, for Saehee's more recent photos.

My Korean princess with our helper during her first immunization.

OMG!!! This post took forever to finish! I'm sorry about that. But I do hope that aside from the story-telling, you also picked up something from my experience. If you're pregnant and has the same dilemma that I did or you just want to have a mommy talk with me, I'd be happy to indulge. You can Tweet me a message here or you may comment below. 

Thanks, lovelies!!!

Love lots,
Geline <3

Saturday, January 14, 2012

KimchiiMommy on YouTube

Before I finally call it a day, I want to inform everybody that I'm also Vlogging on YouTube. I will be filling it up with random stuff. LOL =)

You may watch and subscribe to my vlogs here.

By the way, here's a video of my lovely daughter Saehee.

See you on YT, lovelies!!!

Love lots,
Geline <3

KimchiiMommy or GorgeouzMomma????

Uhhhmmmmm...both! hahaha! But modesty aside, I'd rather use the KimchiiMommy 'coz I think it's more appropriate and GorgeouzMomma is, well, a little bit off. I was probably an intoxicated earthling when I came up with the "GorgeouzMomma" username. ("__")

So, yeah. It's official. KimchiiMommy!!!


love lots,
Geline <3

Will be updating more often :]]]

I know...I know... I'm probably like a whining alien now. I kept on saying "I will update this blog everyday or often" and I still didn't. Well, with the baby on my hands and other stuff to do, it's just soooooooooooo hard to keep the promise! Anyway, I'll just update whenever I can. hahaha! I soooooooo miss blogging!

*fingers crossed*

love lots,
Geline <3