Sunday, May 15, 2011

Filipino-Korean Friendship (& more)


South Korea

It's a well-known fact that the Philippines has been invaded by everything Korean-- dramas, movies, fashion, beauty stuff, Kpop music and eager learners of English.

I have personally been acquainted to this race since I was in High School; a Korean guy friend slash "oppa" (older brother) named "Nick" started it all. Back those days, I was not expecting to be meeting more. When Nick went back to Korea, I had the opportunity to teach English to Korean academies as my part time job here in Iloilo City. It has been my habit to ask my students their reason for going to the Philippines to study English and the top answers were:

  • Filipinos are good speakers of English despite the fact that we're residents of an Asian country.
  • Filipinos are nice, have good interpersonal skills and are very welcoming.
  • Traveling. Boracay! 

You might wanna ask me how Koreans are so i will save you lovelies some trouble. harharhar!

Generally, my observations are:

  • Very generous
  • Nice 
  • Adventurous
  • Always yearning for education (so when they come here to study, they mean business in class.)
  • Have become more open with their thoughts and preference in contrast to the really conservative attitude that we see in their dramas and movies.
  • They were born in a competitive environment. Trivia: It takes at least a year of training and grooming before you are launched as an artist in South Korea. 
I have witnessed a lot of Filipinos and Koreans falling in love and eventually ties the knot. I for one have the wonderful experience of being loved and is in love with an amazing Korean man. <3 <3 <3 
I cannot speak for all the Filipino women who got married to Koreans but as for my man, he's the perfect partner i could ask for. Aside from the aforementioned qualities, I adore my man's coolness, for being super understanding and for treating me like a queen. My family and friend's three thumbs up on him!!! LOL

Uhhhmmm... I posted this blog because my hubby and I discussed this topic last night, so talk about not getting over it... hahaha! And I'm currently listening to thoughts by anonymous's playlist which happens to be all Kpop music. Let's just say I'm feeling so Korean right now. hee hee!

Anyway, I want to share me and my man's picture.

This was the time when we realized that we want to be together. ^^

Our 'lil jellybean's 13 weeks and 2 days scan.

Catch ya later, lovelies!

Geline, Caffrey and 'lil jellybean <3

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