Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18th week of pregnancy (baby #1)

Yipee! It's 18-18 for baby today! 18th week on May 18.

Here's a 'lil info about our 'lil jellybean for this week:

Jellybean weighs bet. 5-7 ounces& is about 5 1/2 inches long (size of a pickle). Ears are now facing forward and are completely formed. This week is the beginning of ossification (hardening of baby's miniature bones).Nerves are making more and more complex connections; sense of smell, taste, sight and hearing are all developing. Plus, jellybean's developing yawning and hiccups skills  and own set of toe and fingerprints. Little one's starting to produce a protective covering along the nerves, called Myelin. This substance will be produced through the ninth month. 

jellybean's current size =)

Momma's symptoms:

  • More and more trips to the fridge. I noticed an immense food appetite since my 17th week compared to the previous ones. 
  • Heartburn from time to time.
  • The acid reflux is almost gone (hoooraayyyy!!!).
  • Occasional headaches. 
  • Fetal movement (like there's a gas or butterfly alongside the belly button)
  • Hair has gone from bad to worse. hee hee!

See you next week for more updates!

Any mommies here? 
Did you get the same symptoms I did?
Please share to us your wonderful experience
with pregnancy. <3

Catch ya later, lovelies!

Geline and 'lil jellybean 

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