Sunday, May 27, 2012

Malunggay Smoothie for baby boo

Hello, lovelies! How was your weekend? It's Sunday on this side of the planet so tomorrow's another week! Anyhow, I made my baby boo a Malunggay/Banana smoothie yesterday. We grow Malunggay/ Moringa Oleifera in our backyard and that made me extra happy! You know why? Moringa is jam-packed with nutrients that you wouldn't even need to take vitamins if taken everyday! It's dubbed as "Miracle Tree".

Here's a bit of information to back-up my rave with it:

  • It has 7x Vit. C in oranges, 4x calcium in milk, 4x Vit. A in Carrots, 2x protein in milk, 3x potassium in banana.
  • It is a weapon against blindness.
  • Along with potassium, zinc is also found in large quantities in moringa.
  • Anti-anemia as it contains 3x more Iron than in spinach. 
  • Helps in balancing cholesterol in the body.
  • Contains Essential Amino acids.
  • Since it is immunity-stimulant, it is being prescribed to AIDS patients.
  • Stimulates metabolism.
  • Fights diabetes.
  • It is a nutrition booster and is known to promote a feeling of well-being.
  • Aids in weight-loss.
  • Increases milk supply of lactating mothers.
  • Famous for anti-bacterial properties.
  • Paste of moringa leaves is said to beautify the skin.
  • Protects the liver and kidney.
  • Can be used as a water purifier.
Speaking of Moringa, I remember a conversation with my OB GYN on my 7th month pre-natal check together with my husband. My hubby asked her what  food that I should be taking often to promote good health both for me and our baby. She said to let me eat or take anything that has malunggay. As a naive foreigner, my hubby had no clue what that was! Honestly speaking, I also didn't know malunggay's english name at that time. boom!!! hahahaha! My OB GYN drew a cluster of small circles and showed it to my hubby and he was still clueless. Solution to the problem? I showed to him a picture of Moringa when we got home. Our backyard was barren back then. 

So here's what Moringa looks like...

I hear some "aha!" over there! LOL. ^__~

Here's the vlog that I made...

Overall, I think I'm going to try loving this "Miracle Veggie" as well. As a mom, I know that I have to be healthy all the time because I have a family to take care of. I also encourage YOU to incorporate Moringa on your daily diet; prevention is way better than cure. 

Health is a precious wealth!!!

Love lots,
Geline <3

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