Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This was the photo that I took of us (Mom, me and Sae Hee) during Mother's Day...

On my personal Facebook account, I uploaded this with the message:

These are the people responsible for making me celebrate Mother's Day today and in the years to come. To my beautiful mom, thank u for the gift of life; thank u for the unending patience, understanding, support,continued guidance and unconditional love to me and Sae Hee. We have gone through many arguments, "away-bati" moments but let's admit it,mom...we can't live w/o each other. hahaha! I may not be vocal about my love for you, but rest assured you're very na, much pa, loved by your unica hija. To my equally beautiful daughter Sae Hee, you are God's divine intervention in my life. I became a better person after i had you. I would never exchange the day I met your appa and the day we had you for anything. You are the reason why I got tons of greetings today. ^^ Happy Mom's Day, motherduck!!! Love you both so much!!! :-*

You might be wondering why my daughter has been "God's divine intervention" in my life, not that I was a criminal, but I had my own share of craziness and stupid decisions growing up. Who doesn't have? When I had her I started being seriously responsible and making smart choices for me and my own, little family. Motherhood is such a blessing. You may not believe me or understand me probably because you're not a mom yet; just wait and see for yourself when it's your time to join the club! ^^

Motherhood is a bitter-sweet experience for a woman. Many may have a phobia with the thought of raising another human-being and I used to be one of those. I got pregnant unexpectedly but embraced the whole challenge and blessing. I used to think that I am not ready to become a mom but turns out that even the "most prepared women" for pregnancy and motherhood still has tons of learning, trials and errors along the way. Fair enough?

Despite the odds and sacrifices, it is indeed the most rewarding experience one can have. No matter how tired you are during the day, seeing your child and by just kissing him brings so much bliss and a stress-reliever too! No amount of scientific research can explain, only felt by a mother's heart.

Here's a personal greeting from me and Sae Hee:

I hope you had/have an awesome Mother's Day.

 Everyday should be a Mother's Day if you ask me. *wink*

Love lots,
Geline <3

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