Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sugar Plum Studio turns 1!!!

I have never been a fan of photo studios and I actually just go there if I need pictures for important purposes like I.D., passport, resume (applying a job) etc. I'm horrified just being there and I usually can't sleep well prior to the schedule of the photoshoot--- I'm worried that the pictures would show a monster instead of my face.hahahha!

But becoming a mother has done many changes within me and that includes my "phobia" of photo studios. Being a mom of a half-Korean lass, I was "forced" to embrace the fact that I need to be comfortable with photo studios. Koreans have this trend now that they have their babies photographed in a studio on the 50th and 100th days since birth. Yes, me and my hubby belong to different cultural backgrounds and we intend to give our children the best of both worlds.

I was nearing my E.D.D. (expected date of delivery) when I began scouting for a studio where I would entrust my Saehee's photo shoot for her 50th day. I came across Sugar Plum studio, I browsed through their portfolio and I liked it. Most of the pictures I saw were baby's and children's. Then, the handwork of destiny happened when I met one of their staff, Ate Sheila, who never stopped convincing me to try their studio. =)

Convinced, I booked an appointment with them. Here's a short video of Saehee's photo shoot:

Another cool thing about them is that most of the staff are mothers so they know how to handle babies and children (as you've probably seen on the video). A mother understands a mother. ^0^  They have a cozy and playful studio; kids would definitely not get bored. Aside from babies and children, they also specialize in maternity photo shoots. But they can do any kind of photo shoots; single portraits, couples, friends and families . Name it!!! 

Some of Saehee's pictures taken by Sugar Plum:

All of these adorable shots for an amazingly affordable price!!! 

Great pictures + affordable price packages +  professional, T.L.C. staff = Superb!!!

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with them now!!!

Sugar Plum Studio

Room 14, Mezzanine Floor, AJL Bldg. Gen. Luna St. Iloilo City

Landmarks: Statlab Building; Health Partners

Book an appointment, call them at 0927-5670240. 

Facebook: Sugar Plum 

Some photos of their studio:

Happy 1st Birthday and Thank you, Sugar Plum!!! 

love lots,
Geline <3

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