Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Labor and Delivery Story

I've no labor story to tell because I didn't undergo a labor. Lucky me? hahaha. I would like to think that I am indeed lucky for not having the excruciating pain that labor brings but................ I would have felt more "motherly" or "womanly" at that time If I've had it. Just saying. =)

Anyway, I was 40 weeks and I didn't have labor until I reached 40 weeks 3 days (the day of Saehee's delivery). I've had two incidents of false alarms and I was also sent home by the hospital staff twice. hahahaa! Excited much???? What we thought as real labor were actually just Braxton Hicks Contraction (B.H.) making more fun at me. T.T

How to differentiate a Braxton Hicks Contraction from real labor:

  • When the time gap of one contraction to another is regular. (e.g. every 3 minutes)
  • The shorter the gap is, the more realistic it becomes.
  • When there is pain in the contraction, it's a sure trip to the hospital!
You might be wondering why I didn't have a labor, actually, I'm wondering too! hahaha! But we figured that the double loop cord coil on my baby's neck was the culprit. We have this theory that every time she would attempt to go down, she goes back up because the cord on her neck tightens. Smart baby, huh? ^__^  We discovered about the cord coil when I had my 38th weeks ultrasound; my reason for the scan was to make sure that we're absolutely having a girl but then we saw something else. It made us worry so I did my best to research about it, discovering our options etc. We were frantic. I've heard successful stories about the case as well as dooming ones (death of the baby). 

The remaining time I've had on waiting for her arrival was spent on close monitoring ( ultrasounds and Non-Stress Test for the baby). 

Non-Stress Test:
This is a test done to check if the baby's doing fine inside the womb by monitoring the movements. I was ordered to eat before the test was given because it will wake up the baby if ever she was asleep. I was made to lie down and they attached an apparatus (just like in E.C.G.) on my belly and they rang a bell close to my tummy. They instructed me to inform them if I felt my baby's movement. After about 30 minutes, the N.S.T. was finally over. I was happy because all of Saehee's N.S.T. turned out to be normal.

 I was on the day of my 40th week and there was still no signs of labor but my cervix was already open at 2 cm. 3 days prior. At that day, I felt like there was a sudden gush of small amount of water that came out of me. I was delighted! I was feeling mixed emotions. So, we rushed to the hospital and when we got there, I was given an internal examination and I was still at 2 cm! We were advised to go home. The next day, I saw a  mucus on the toilet after I urinated. Its color was white with a bit of brown streaks and it was larger than the usual secretion. I know it was my mucus plug.

Mucus Plug:
It's the mucus that blocked the entry of the cervix upon pregnancy to prevent bacteria and other foreign bodies to invade the little angel that's growing inside. It is bigger than the usual mucus that we have before the onset of menstruation and its color varies-- for some women it may be clear, brownish, yellowish, streaked with blood (this one is called the bloody show). When we lose the mucus plug, it is a signal that labor may start in a few hours after, the next day, in a few days, in two weeks or even at that very moment! God only knows when!

We went to the hospital again, had an I.E. and I was still at 2 cm! Whattttttttttttt????????????? Seriously?????? Disappointed, we just went home. I had my doctor's appointment the next day (40 weeks 3 days) and we expressed our final decision to just have a Caesarean  delivery. Hubby and I were already contemplating of having C-Section if there was still no progress. We can't jeopardize our baby and myself as well. If there's an overdue, there's also a big chance that the baby will have a Meconium Aspiration. 

Meconium Aspiration:
The baby is already old enough to be born when she/he's due so that means there will also be a chance of excretion of the bodily waste. If that happens inside the womb, it poses a great danger if the baby can eat his/her body waste. It can threaten the baby's and mother's health (can even be a cause of death for the baby).

We had the operation on October 19,2011 even it was against my doctor's advise. We were very solid with our decision not to lengthen the possibility of Meconium Aspiration. We were convinced that she cannot go down on the birth canal normally. 


When I was at the Emergency Room, I was bombarded with questions and tests. After everything was set, I was placed at the Operating Room. I could remember how cold the room was! I had nothing on underneath the operating gown so I was feeling the coldness down to my bones. Then, I was informed that a general anesthesia will be administered to my body therefore I won't be feeling anything when I'm already being cut. Sounds fun right? hahaha! The needle of the anesthesia was enormous!!! It felt like a big ant bit me on my back. I was surprised that I didn't cry nor shouted. My OB GYN arrived, the operating team offered a prayer and the cutting began! It was exactly 6 PM when the operation started. I was shaking because of the darn coldness. I didn't know the doc already made a cut on my tummy if i hadn't seen it on the crystal of the operating light. I felt gross seeing my belly open and there's blood all over it and...okay. 'nuff said. LOL. I felt that there was a "swaying" in my belly, like something was being pulled out. At 6:13 PM, I heard the most beautiful cry. That was it! My baby was born! I immediately felt lighter. :) It was weird for me because I've felt heavy the last few months. 

Saehee's voice was big and husky. I was smiling like there was no tomorrow! She was brought closer to me after all the necessary stuff were done with her and I kissed her. I felt so happy! I couldn't explain that happiness. The joys of motherhood. :) 

Here are some photos:

KimchiiMommy fresh from the operation. Ouch!!! :(

Fresh from "the oven". hahaha!

One day old. She got her appa's (daddy's) dimples. <3

It was unfortunate that Saehee still had an infection. She was throwing up her milk so the doc limited her milk intake to closely monitor her progress.

I went home ahead of Saehee (three days after the operation). She stayed at the hospital for a week. This was taken during one of my visits to her.

Now, for Saehee's more recent photos.

My Korean princess with our helper during her first immunization.

OMG!!! This post took forever to finish! I'm sorry about that. But I do hope that aside from the story-telling, you also picked up something from my experience. If you're pregnant and has the same dilemma that I did or you just want to have a mommy talk with me, I'd be happy to indulge. You can Tweet me a message here or you may comment below. 

Thanks, lovelies!!!

Love lots,
Geline <3


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