Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm a Mommy Vlogger (Video Blogger) On YouTube!

hey y'all!

 If you've seen my older blog posts here, you'll know that I do videos on YouTube, but usually those are just my lovely daughter's. I love capturing her milestones, antics and candidness on video. And now, I want to share my recent venture there. I'm a mommy vlogger already! Yep! As in I talk in front of the camera about a variety of things (mostly mommy stuff) and you'll get to know me, my family and friends more. I just love expressing myself and get my views out there. I love interaction, too! So yes, I do reply video comments and private messages.

I decided to go with it because I wanted to show the world how it is to be a mother in the Philippines (I do videos about "Day in a life", haul, Philippine-product reviews) and you also get a glimpse of Filipino culture, trend and places. I think it would be refreshing to see a different side of the coin because majority of the mommy vloggers that I've seen are from USA/American.

I do understand that there can be negativities alongside with it but I choose not to mind them at all. I just want to have fun and do what I love (which is talking and being candid LOL). If these negative people have a problem with it/me, well, it's not my problem anymore. hahahaha!

So, yeah, I'm inviting you lovelies to check out my YouTube channel and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT and RATE.

CLICK----------------> KimchiiMommy on YouTube 
Show some love and support! See you there!!! <3 <3 <3

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